Our Mission

Nirvana was founded with the intent to develop novel therapeutic products derived from psychedelics.

There is a body of research that leads to the conclusion that psychedelic based medicines can offer new approaches to pain management as well as treatment for ailments such addiction, anxiety and depression.

We believe that using naturally sourced psychedelics in novel  formulations holds the promise of delivering non-addictive solutions that are effective in managing pain and addiction.

Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction has become a major health crisis that has a massive cost to our society. Existing approaches to breaking addiction have not been successful.

A Successful Approach

A successful approach to break addiction and offering non-addictive pain management products will offer great benefit to society and a successful drug development project for the Company.

The Company’s Goal

The Company’s goal is twofold; to develop psilocybin derived medicines that can break human addictions to Opioids, and non-addictive pain relief that can replace the need for Opioid medicines.

Our team, consisting of leading researchers from around the globe, aim to develop therapies that have the potential of freeing millions from addiction and saving society billions of dollars annually.


Addiction to Opioids has become a global crisis.

For many years, the pharmaceutical Industry has promoted the use of highly addictive pain medications to millions of patients. While these medications have been effective for pain relief, the highly addictive nature of the medications has created a problem with no practical  solution. The result has been millions of people becoming addicted to opioid medications, some who have turned to street versions of these drugs to manage their pain.

The actions of these pharmaceutical companies have a devastating impact on families and communities. Current solutions proposing free or lower cost opioids is not a solution, society needs practical methods to break addiction, prevent relapse and replace addictive pain management therapies with non-addictive therapies.

Cost of Opioid Crisis in America

The US Council of Economic Advisors estimate the cost to the US  economy at more than $500 billion annually, this equates to -almost 4% of GDP. In 2017, more that 70,000 Americans died of drug overdose, with around two-thirds of those deaths linked to opioids. The impact can be measured financially, with massive  health care and insurance costs as well as the significant costs of law enforcement. It has been estimated that it will require a large investment, as much as $100 billion, to fully address the crisis.

Four Pillars of Success

Research & Development of IP
  • Acquired the IP behind these novel formulations
  • Commencing de novo research on a number of additional formulations
Development of Processes to support production
  • Acquired a license for the extraction technology
  • Developing a proprietary process for purification of the materials
  • Developing a scalable process for producing inputs
Clinical Trials
  • Each of these formulations will be put through pre-clinical trials
Product Development
  • Developing therapeutic products using novel psychedelic compounds
  • Targeting a soft-gel format for the addiction focus product

Breakthrough Research

The Company’s Scientific team is taking theories developed by researchers in the 60’s and 70’s and applying modern approaches to developing novel psychedelics-based formulations. Company researchers believe that its Psilocibyn formulation may also be effective at preventing relapse. Nirvana has begun pre-clinical trials into the efficacy of Psilocybin based formulations as a therapeutic tool to break addiction to opioids.

Clinical Studies are led by Dr. Massimo Nabissi, of the University of Camerino (Italy), with the support of Dr. Sazzad Hossain. Ongoing pre-clinical trials to validate that the Psilocybin based formulation is effective at breaking addiction is the first step. This will be followed with further development of psychedelics-based formulations that may eventually create a range of potential products based on results of these trials.

UniCam has proposed additional studies for use of the formulations for Anxiety and Depression which can be undertaken in further phases of the project. Further trials have been planned for a range of formulations under development.

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